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If you own or operate a camping site in Northern Ireland, you must hold a site licence.
If you are a landlord and rent property that was built before 1945 you require a certificate of fitness from Ards Borough Council.
Licence for pollution prevention and control
If you control non-domestic premises you must ensure that you notify the local authority of any water cooling tower or evaporative condenser (notifiable devices) on the premises.
Dog Licence
Where persons are admitted to a premises for the purposes of entertainment (subject to charges), a licence must first be obtained from the Council.
Premises that are involved in the handling or production of the following foods of animal origin are required to be inspected and approved by the Local Authority or the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD).
To store, prepare, distribute or sell food on premises you need to be registered with the local authority. Premises include restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, canteens, market stalls, mobile catering vans and food delivery vans.
If you operate as a hairdresser in Northern Ireland, you must be registered with your local district council.
If you store petroleum you must be licensed by your district council.